Kim Kaskiw - Voice Coach Testimonials

 Students speak out about Studio Kim Vocal Coaching 

"As a public speaker, my voice was beginning to change, for the worse. I was unable to project or maintain a stream of sound while speaking. I began sessions with Kim and she quickly assessed my voice, and got me doing vocal exercises. She also recommended changes in my vocal habits, which I have now integrated into my daily practice. After a few sessions, Kim informed me that my situation required medical attention, as she suspected I had a bad case of gastrointestinal reflux. She was right! Now I'm on a treatment plan, and look forward to resuming my sessions with Kim. I would have never known that I have such a condition were it not for Kim's astute assessment! Sincere thanks, Kim!

Irene, Celestia Marketing


"Kim is my go-to coach for any of my vocal difficulties. Over the years she has really helped me find the source of those problems, one of which stemmed from the voice I was using for my alter-ego who is an elderly woman named Mathilda Bovine. Kim has a lot of experience and is a well trained musician. Her approach is thorough, open to all styles and lots of fun. I highly recommend Kim as a vocal coach."

Jody Benjamin, Actor and Singer
Toasted Westerns, Ball and Chain, Shout Sister Choir


"Kim is that rarest of combinations, a subject master and a fearless teacher.  Professional speakers, singers and performers, no less than beginners, find themselves inspired by her personal and artistic courage. The two years that I have studied with her allowed me for the first time to see the potential in my voice.  Kim knows her stuff, and approaches all her students with the same combination of empathy, professionalism and support, whether they be professionals, amateurs, or children and adults just essaying their first voices."

 Tom Bergbusch


Kim can help speak with strength and confidence! 

Lessons available online due to COVID restrictions. 

When restrictions are lifted, Kim will offer private day or evening half-hour or hour lessons in person in Ottawa's Beacon Hill North area. 
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