Kim Kaskiw - Hair Styling

Hairstyles that reflect
the real you

In the comfort of Studio Kim in Ottawa's Beacon Hill North area, allow yourself to be pampered!

Both female and male clients get Kim's full attention in a soothing environment as her only client, from start to finish. Her private studio space is comfortable and welcoming, and is ideal for Muslim women.


Kim is a licenced and experienced hair stylist with satisfied clients who have stayed with her for many years.

She consistently delivers precision haircuts and flattering hair styles that perfectly suit your lifestyle and face shape. 

Kim_K_-_Kori_updo.pngLooking for a knock-out hairstyle for a special event? Here's what Kim did for Kori, a client with waist-length hair.

Looking to put some colour into your life?

Kim will help you choose colouring and highlighting that perfectly complements your skin tone and eye colour. Get the look you want!

Want a fresh look?

If you need a new look for a job interview, family portrait, actor's portfolio, performance, or just getting bored... try a Studio Kim makeover! 

From an exciting new hairstyle, to just the right touch of makeup, Kim will make you feel young again! 

Luxury haircare for a great price

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Satisfaction guaranteed!

Free precision haircut for recommending a friend! 







To keep your hair healthy and looking its best, Kim only uses the best hair products.



Studio Kim does not offer permanent waves as they damage hair and require chemicals that are toxic to the environment. 


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